Why couldn't we have met long ago
Before the ghosts of the past ruled your soul
Before Life had dealt cruel blow after blow
And wounds were struck that heal so slow?
Wounds and hurt have built up a wall
That surrounds your heart, causes love to stall
But love is still there I can see it burn
Wanting to be free, released it yearns
To freely give what you gave before
The shame, the hurt had closed the door
To your soul precious light that peers through
Your eyes, your hands, your spirit still soothes
I can see it, can feel it, at the edge 'bout to break
Out of the bondage tear open the gates
And walk, no run to my arms true and sound
Let loose the flood tide of the love you have found
And fly with me darling leap, bound and delight
As young eagles soaring through the firewind of light.

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