Toast To The Beach

Have you ever played on a sun drenched beach on a warm summers afternoon, built a sand castle close to the waters edge and watched as the waves carried it away, have you ever walked hand in hand on a moonlit beach with that special someone, or even just sat quietly and pondered one of life's great mysteries? If you have ever done any of these things then you will understand why I am here to offer a toast to the beach.

The beach is a wonderful place to spend your free time whether you are a young child, a teenager or and adult.

As a young child we thrill at the opportunity to spend a day at the beach. It is a wonderful and magical place to spend a hot summer afternoon as the sun beams down and warms the sand and our young bodies. There are many new and exciting adventures to enjoy. We can play in the shallow water and laugh with unabandonded glee as the waves gently roll in. We can build magical sand castles in the damp sand. We can build our castles far back from the water's edge to protect them or close by and see if we can get them finished before the next wave crashes in and carries them away as it retreats. Or we can just be happy children and laugh, run, play and splash while our young bodies turn brown in the summer sunshine.

As teenagers the beach holds other attractions for us. It is a place to play volleyball, learn to water-ski, or just lay in the sun relaxed and warm. As evening comes, the beach becomes a magical place to walk hand in hand and dream the dreams of youth.

As an adult the beach becomes a haven for us. An oasis in the sea of insanity that we call our lives. It is a place to get away and forget the stress of being grown up. A place to watch our children or grandchildren grow and blossom in the warm sunshine, a place to sit and ponder by ourselves as we watch the sun set, a place to rekindle love, or perhaps to begin a new one, but best of all it is a place to remember summers long past when life was so much simpler.

In closing I would like to say that for me I'm sure that I will always find magic at the beach. I will find it in the sunshine, the soft sounds of the waves gently lapping the shore, in the moonlight, in the haunting cry of the loon, and in the laughter of my grandchildren as they run along the I ask that next time you are on a beach...lift your glass high and drink a toast to "The Beach".


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