On Line

Why is this so inviting and warm?
It's mere words I see....
yet the passion they do stir inside of me...
I want to throw my head back in lustful bliss
and feel the warmth of a lovers kiss.

O a strong embrace, a look so pure
and inviting, I give myself completely in to this.
Give me the love that only you can,
make dreams come true with the touch of your hand,
caress me, fondle me, feel my desire,
hold me, thrill me, till my flesh is on fire,
love me so tender, then hard as you can,
fill me with passion, take me just as I am...

Let the hours fill with warmth and the hot sweet perfume
of lovers at play in a candle lit room.
This never-ending lust is too much to take,
but don't let it end, don't let me wake.
My reality is cold and empty and dark--
I hate it there, Love, don't make me go back.

Hold me through the night until the dawn breaks,
then go quickly from me, Love, lest my heart breaks

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