The screen flicks on and ICQ.
So far and yet so near.
Your name sits there in vivid blue
And I know that you are there.

At first I wondered if it wise
To use my time in search
Of something no computer feels
Without a human touch.

But as I grew to know you
Through lines upon the screen
I saw a depth of beauty
So clear though never seen

And as we talked of love and lust
And kindled our desire
I felt myself become entranced
And caught within your fire

For though I have not met you
Your earthly form not seen
I feel your soul within the words
Upon that magic screen

Oh, Sweetie how you stir me
Your passion strong and bright
Brings to my full but lonely life
A wondrous glow of light

The vastness of the world between us
May stop our paths from meeting
And so ensure my love for you
Is sweet, but oh so fleeting

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