I sit gazing at your picture,
and my heart begins to melt.
So much emotion fills me,
with the love deep inside that is felt.

My mind starts to wander,
and I sit daydreaming of you.
Longing to have you by my side,
to fill my dreams, I wish to come true.

So captivated is my heart,
I become "lost" in every thought.
Overwhelmed by the beauty of our love,
and all the happiness you have brought.

If only all my daydreams were real,
I would never ask for anything more.
As I would have everything I want,
a feeling I have never felt before.

For now I'm content with my daydreams,
until I can be with you.
And turn all my dreams into realities,
as we share precious dreams that come true.

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My Heart Will Go On