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Bakers Narrows Tower, Beaches, Board Walk,Channing Beach, Childrens Pools and Rec Areas, Company Cottages, Flin Flon Aqua Center, Flin Flon Bomb Shelter, Flin Flon Tourist Park, Flintabattey Flonatin, Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, HBM&S Surface Site, HBM&S Surface Tours, Kinsmen Fitness Trail, Main Street, Phantom Lake Golf Course,Ross Lake, Sewer Boxes, Ski Trails, Station Museum, The Hundred Stairs, The Radisson, The Stack ,The Whitney Forum

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Bakers Narrows Tower

tower at bakers narrowsThe Bakers Narrows Scenic Tower located in the the picnic area of Bakers Narrows Provincial Park on beautiful Lake Athapapuskow gives a magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding territory.

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phantom lakeThe Flin Flon area is literally riddled with lakes and beaches. The lakes are clean, clear and cool, a great way to cool down on a hot afternoon.

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Board Walk

The BoardwalkIn 1995 and 1996 the shores of Ross Lake in the middle of town were turned into a picturesque board walk including benches and a bridge over the Flin Flon Creek. The boardwalk provides a great vantage point to view Ross Lake and the cliffs that surround it.

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Channing Beach

Channing BeachChildrens play park, Beach area and dock, and access by boat to Big Athapapuskow Lake are just some of the things that await you at the Channing Beach.

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Children's Pools and Rec. Areas

Willowvale Wading Pool - off Green Street in Flin Flon.

Rotary Park - Third Avenue Flin Flon.

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Company Cottages

The company cottagesHudson Bay Mining and Smelting basically built the community of Flin Flon. As part of their commitment to the community, the Company built a community within a community for their white collar workers. The residences are referred to as "the company cottages". The residential community was built in the 1930s. Their style, positioning of the lots, and type of fencing are unique features of architectural heritage. It is considered a prime example of neighborhood urban design in North America.

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Flin Flon Aqua Center

Flin Flon Aqua Center boasts a swimming pool, a hot tub, sauna and weight room. It's a perfect way to relax after a hard day.

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Flin Flon Bomb Shelter

Planning the layout of the modern Flin Flon posed particular problems. Foremost, the community was not "planned". A town plan was completed but never materialized for a number of reasons, including transportation and The Great Depression. The result of not "planning" left the city engineers with a series of obstacles. The most serious of which was the fact that the town sprang up on the remnants of a prehistoric volcano. In 1947, a 140 meter tunnel was conceived to get pedestrians from Third Avenue to Downtown Flin Flon. This little expedition cost the city $32000. In 1947, the crew got to within 4 meters of completion, unfortunately enthusiasm waned, the dimensions of the tunnel shrank correspondingly and today it's just a storm sewer outlet. During the Cold War, when our neighbors further south were building bomb shelters in their basements, we figured, if worse came to worse, we could hide in the tunnel, our "bomb shelter". The entrance to the Bomb Shelter is located at the bottom of the 100 Stairs.

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Flin Flon Tourist Park and Facilities

Flin Flon Tourist Park FacilitiesThe Flin Flon Tourist Park and Campground is a 75 site park with electrical and non-electrical, picnic and tenting area, located on Highway #10A. This facility boasts modern washrooms with showers, and wheelchair access. The Tourist Information Centre is located in the Flin Flon/Creighton Heritage Museum on the grounds of the clean and attractive park.

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Flintabattey Flonatin

Flintabbety FlonatinWhile engaged in searching for mineral bodies, a group of prospectors ran across a dime novel called "The Sunless City", the novel told of a man's trip to a bottomless lake where he found a sunless city laden with gold. The hero of the novel was Josiah Flintabattey Flonatin. When the team came across a promising outcrop on a lake that reminded them of Flinty's they named the claim Flin Flon. The city of Flin Flon is proud to be the only city named after a sci-fi character.

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Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

The Hapnot Lake Duck SanctuaryConveniently located on Ross Street, not far from the down town area. The pond is home to hundreds of indigenous water fowl. These birds are wild and yet return year after year to nest within the town limits. Free parking, feeding is always welcome.

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H.B.M.&S. Mine and Smelter Site

The Open PitThe Flin Flon ore body was discovered by David Collins, a local trapper, and shown to Tom Creighton, a prospector, in 1914. The first claims were registered the following year but despite heroic efforts by the legendary mining promoter, Jack Hamell, it took more than a dozen years to bring the mine into production. There were a variety of reasons for the delay. It was a huge ore body, but of relatively low grade so it would require a smelter to make it economically viable.

In 1927, the Whitney family of New York created HBM&S which took over controlling interest in the Flin Flon property. By 1930, the mine, smelter, a hydroelectric dam and a railroad were all in full operation.

Today, the smelter and the rest of the plant operations depend upon ore hauled from various mines around Flin Flon, including the Snow Lake and Leaf Rapids areas. The North Main mine is closed but South Main is used to hoist ore to the surface from the Callinan deposit.

There is an experimental greenhouse at the 360 m. (1170 ft.) level that has received a lot of publicity for its success in growing a variety of plants, including the Pacific yew tree which is used to make the cancer-fighting drug, Taxol.

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HBM&S Surface Tours

Hudson Bay Mining GroundsHudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd. offers interesting and educational surface plant tours between June and August every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 A.M.

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Kinsmen Fitness Trail

This scenic mile long trail is ideal for walking or running. The trail takes you along the shores of Flin Flon Creek, and through forested park areas. Take the Perimeter highway to Queen Street, then to Pine Avenue. Entrance to the trail is from Pine Avenue.

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Main Street

See the streets around which Flin Flon grew! Main Street houses many stores that cater to your needs. You will find many shops operated by local merchants, selling unique and unusual crafts, and always on hand are many friendly Flin Flonians to help you find what you are looking for.

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Phantom Lake

Phantom LakePhantom Lake is a recreational area between Flin Flon, Manitoba and Creighton, Saskatchewan. It all started back in the late 20's early 30's when people moved here for the jobs at Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting. There were very few vehicles and not much for people to do in this newly developed mining community. HBM&S spent alot of money and hours of labour to make this beautiful recreational area for people to come with their families and enjoy. They hauled sand in for the beach, they built a beautiful big dock for swimming, made a playground for the children with lots of equipment. HBM&S kept this up for many years and it was a very busy place. Everyday of the week people would walk out with their children. They would bring their lunches and spend the whole day. The older generation of people say you could hardly find a spot on the beach to sit and eat, because of all the people.

In the 80's HBM&S started cutting back on spending and so Phantom Lake was left, this beautiful place was going down hill. What had been the swimming area was growing up with weeds, and the dock was falling apart, the flowers in the beds that welcomed you to the area were replaced by weeds. It was a very sad sight for many who remembered what it did look like.

Some local people decided enough was enough and got together as a group and started to bring Phantom Lake back. We call ourselves " Friends Of Phantom".

Phantom Lake Golf Course

Phantom Lake Golf CourseThe Phantom Lake Golf Course is perfect for the golfer in everyone with its beautiful scenery and well groomed greens. Come play a round on our beautiful 9 hole par 67 course, and then relax over a cold drink or hot meal at the club house.

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Ross Lake

Ross LakeRoss Lake is situated in the middle of the City of Flin Flon. It is encased in a series of cliffs which were deposited almost 2 billion years ago. Much of it was deposited under water, as a series of submarine volcanoes. Later these rocks were faulted and folded up as part of a huge mountain range. Sixty years ago, there was a two-story ski jump on top of the cliffs. The jumpers used to finish their run-out on the frozen lake. Today the lake hosts the Ross Lake Redevelopment Project. A traditional boardwalk now exists encompassing the shore of the lake.

A panoramic view of Ross Lake and Flin Flon's residential area can be found at Wahlenberg Heights, located on top of one of the city's highest points (corner of Bellevue and Dion Street); or from along the Boardwalk, entrance behind Rotary Court. Be sure to bring your camera!!!

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Sewer Boxes

Sewer BoxesBecause of the tremendous amounts of rock in the Flin Flon area, above ground sewer boxes were built. These boxes provided the citizens of the town with their first sidewalks. To day many of these sewer boxes are still in use and are still used by the residents as sidewalks.

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Ski Trails

The Flin Flon X-Country ski trails are some of the best runs in the world with their rugged terrain and beautiful landscape. With its large amounts of natural snowfall it's the perfect course for both beginner and advanced skiers.

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Station Museum

Station MuseumThe Flin Flon Station Museum is housed in the former Canadian National Railway Station. This old train station was built in 1934, and was located in downtown Flin Flon. In 1983 the building was bought by the Chamber of Commerce; moved to its present site where it was prepared to house the artifacts of the original museum founder "Red" McIntosh; and later donated to the City of Flin Flon.

There are many mining artifacts from the late 1920s, including a Linn Tractor used for freight hauls over the frozen lakes. A diving suit which was used during the development of the Island Falls Power Station as well as memorabilia from the early pioneers are also on display.

Located at the Tourist Bureau Park on Highway 10 in Flin Flon, the Station Museum opens for the summer season around mid-May. You can reach the museum at (204) 687-2946.

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The Hundred Stairs

The Hundred StairsIn 1935 the 100 stairs at the top of 3rd Avenue hill were erected for pedestrians to get to the uptown area, it is here that you will find the entrance to Flin Flon's Bomb Shelter. The stairs were rebuilt in 1993. But is there exactly one hundred stairs...come and count for yourself!

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The Radisson

The RadissonA huge freighter canoe paddled to FIRST PLACE by the Manitoba team in the 1967 Cross-Canada Centennial Canoe Race. Most of these paddlers were from Flin Flon, the paddlers included : Jim Rheaume - Commodore, Flin Flon; Norm Crerar - Captain, Flin Flon; Gib McEachern, Flin Flon; John Norman, Creighton; Wayne Soltys, Flin Flon; Roger Carriere, Cranberry Portage; Joe Michelle, Sturgeon Landing; Dave Wells, Flin Flon; Don Starkell, Winnipeg; and Blair Harvey, Flin Flon. The Radisson can be seen in all it's splendor at the Station Museum, a replica of the Radisson can be found at the museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg, Mb.

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The Stack

The StackThe Flin Flon stack, at 250 m. (825 ft.) tall, is the tallest free-standing structure in Western Canada. By comparison, the Eiffel Tower is about 305 m. (1000 ft.). Built in 1973, it tapers from a 20 m. (65 ft.) diameter at the base to 7.6 m. (25 ft.) at the top. It has a 5.2 m. (17 ft.) diameter stainless steel liner. The wall thickness tapers from 66 cm (26 in.) of concrete at the base to 25.4 cm (10 in.) at the top. It has enough steel in it to build 100 cars and enough concrete to pour 150 basements.

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The Whitney Forum

The Whitney Forum, built on its present location in 1958, houses a series of memories from the glory days of the Flin Flon Bombers. The Bombers are best remembered for their Memorial Cup win in 1952. For one reason or another, Flin Flon has a reputation of turning out hockey superstars including the likes of Bobby Clarke, Reggie Leach, Ted Hampson, Ron Hutcheson, Mel Pearson, Gordie Redahl, Gerry Hart, and most recently Ken Baumgartner. The Forum still hosts the Flin Flon Bombers as well as the Flin Flon Hockey Hall of Fame.

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