Flin Flon
A City Built On The Rocks

Picture of The City

Beginning with a prospector's claim and a dime store novel, Flin Flon started mining in the 1920s and is now Manitoba's sixth largest city. Built on rock, the city sits proudly on the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. Set in a beautiful vacation land on the edge of the Precambrian Shield, the area is notable for its distinctive greenish, fine-grained stone - greenstone.

Flin Flon is readily accessible by scenic highways and daily scheduled air service. From Fishing to skiing, it offers the traveller lots to do in both summer and winter. Hotels, restaurants, shopping and full services all make Flin Flon the ideal place to visit and start exploring Greenstone Country.

The city of Flin Flon is the major mining community in Northwestern Manitoba, and northeastern Saskatchewan. Located just over 800 kilometres (600 miles) North-northwest of Manitoba's capital city, Winnipeg, parts of the community are in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Flin Flon is the gateway to Northern Manitoba's bustling tourism industry. Abundant mineral resources enabled the small village to grow to the present status of the day. Flin Flon is proud of being the only city in the world named after a science-fiction character.

Intrigued by the story of Flin Flon, Al Capp of 'Lil Abner' fame, donated his time and talent to creating an image of the gentleman, known for two things: his small stature and his huge perspective.

The Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce had the statue constructed in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Flintabatty Flonatin now resides in the Flin Flon Tourist Park at the entrance to the City on Hwy #10A.

Lots to see and do in flin flon

From the heritage museum, to the tourist park and campground, from the Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary to beaches, swimming pools and nature trails, from golfing and curling, to the famous Trout Festival held every July long weekend, Flin Flon has something for everyone.

Standing at the entrance to the tourist park, the 24 foot statue of Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin, designed by cartoonist Al Capp, welcomes visitors to Flin Flon. Flinty was the hero of a science fiction novel found in the wilderness by gold prospectors in the early years of the century. When they found gold in 1914, they remembered the story and called their claim Flin Flon. The name stuck, and that's how the town got its name.

Brightly coloured Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company headframes are unmistakable landmarks on the Flin Flon skyline. The company has been mining in the area since 1927. Today it is the city's major employer. Regular tours of the Company's surface operations are offered in the summer and group tours are available by arrangement.

Without leaving the city you can still enjoy the beauty and tranquility of clear blue waters and forest greenery while taking a leisurely stroll along the lakeside paths and boardwalk in Flin Flon. For those who like to stroll and learn at the same time, walking tour itineraries are available.

There's A Secret Garden

In addition to producing copper and zinc, the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company mine in Flin Flon boasts its very own secret garden.

Protected by an abandoned and refurbished mine drift 1,170 feet underground, it grows fruit, vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants in this subterranean growth chamber.

The Station Museum

Flin Flon Heritage Museum

The Flin Flon Heritage Museum, located in the tourist park, contains artifacts and memorabilia of the city from its inception as a mining hamlet to the present day. It is open daily in the summer and special tours can be arranged.

The Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary is conveniently located close to the downtown area in Flin Flon. The area is home to hundreds of indigenous waterfowl. Feeding is welcome and there is plenty of parking space available.

There's Good Food

After a busy day spent canoeing or hiking, sight-seeing or fishing, relax and enjoy a meal in one of our many restaurants. Whether you're looking for an evening of fine dining or a quick snack, we have culinary choices to satisfy every taste.

Birchbark Biting

This is a traditional art form practiced by Cree women. The artist first visualizes her design and then creates it by marking perforations with her teeth on clean, pliable, carefully-folded birch bark. The results are stunning and unique. Several renowned local artists practice this delicate art.

Homemade Crafts

Plenty of beautiful country crafts, gifts, or souvenirs to take home from Flin Flon - choose from the wide variety of crafts produced by local artisans. You can find tufting, moccasins, mukluks and birchbark bitings, as well as paintings, pottery and quilting.

Fun For The Whole Family

Experience Flin Flon's community spirit at its many festivals and events throughout the year. In summer you can enjoy a nationally renowned trout festival, touring art shows, fun-filled long weekends or Canada Day celebrations on July 1st. In winter you can find dog sled races, curling bonspiels, ice sculptures and sleigh rides.

Take it Easy or Play Hard

Whether your choice is golfing or snowshoeing, canoeing or dogsledding, hiking or cross-country skiing, summer and winter Flin Flon offers you a host of recreational activities to enhance your vacation enjoyment.

Both the ardent golfer and the beginner will enjoy the full facility golf course in Flin Flon.

On the water, you can choose to relax on calm lakes and rivers, or tackle challenging canoe routes.

Snowshoeing is a quiet way to see the winter sights. For higher energy excursions, there are lots of cross-country ski and snowmobile trails throughout Flin Flon and area.

Once the snow melts the many miles of groomed trails make for excellent hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Nature For The Whole Family

Keep your eyes open. Flin Flon and area are full of delightful surprises. Here you will see many animals and birds which you may come across in their natural habit as you round a bend while hiking or boating in this unspoiled vacation land.

Even the novice is sure to catch something in the plentiful lakes and rivers of the Flin Flon area. With "Catch and Release," there will always be enough trophy fish lurking in our waters to challenge the most avid angler. Boats and guides are available at lodges and outfitters throughout the area.

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